Papa Mark


               Emily is undergoing surgery, she is under sedation. There
               are doctors and nurses fighting to keep mother and child

                              We're losing her, where is her
                              doctor? we need a decision, now!

               Emily's doctor walks in, and suddenly the scene
               freezes.Everyone in the room is in the background and
               silent. Only Emily's face is clear. She is still sedated,
               but dreaming.

               Mark Larson stands beside the gurney, his hand on her head.

                              Papa Mark? what are you doing
                              here? I can see you, but no one
                              else, where is everybody? How is
                              our baby? I was having trouble
                              delivering, so my doctor said that
                              they were going to do a caesarean
                              section. What happened?

                              Sweet, sweet Emily, listen to me.
                              Estelle and I couldn't love you
                              more if you were born to us. You
                              must let your body completly
                              relax. The cord is around the
                              baby's neck. Everything in you is
                              fighting for life, including the
                              baby. In this struggle, the cord
                              is tightening. The doctors can't
                              see it, or reach it. Let every
                              muscle, every tissue, every cell,
                              every fibre of your being, relax.

               Emily's face and shoulders visibly relax. Her expression
               iscalm. Mark smiles. He reaches into Emily's open incision
               and moves his hand around inside. His face registers
               complete concentration.

                              That's my girl. I'm just moving
                              the cord away from your son's
                              neck. The doctors will be able to
                              save both of you now. David had to
                              decide which one of you to save.
                              He chose you. He thought you would
                              be able to have other children,
                              but you won't. There is too much
                              damage. They will have to give you
                              a hysterectomy.

                              We have a son? No more children?

                              A son, yes. You will name him
                              Daniel. Daniel Barry Larson. David
                              already has my name, so there is
                              no need to give it to the baby,
                              although I know you've discussed
                              it. There will be no more children
                              for you, but it won't matter. Your
                              house will be filled with the
                              children of others, and love, and
                              laughter. Little Danny will be
                              enough for you as David was enough
                              for us.

                              Why the name Daniel? That's not
                              even one of the names we were
                              thinking about.

                              Its the name of the baby's
                              biological grandfather. David's
                              father, Daniel Cassidy. He was a
                              football player. He's dead now. He
                              gave our David life, I think he
                              should be honoured in some way.

                              David never told me about that. He
                              only mentioned the fact that he
                              was adopted. It didn't interest
                              him much. He never seemed to have
                              any need to pursue his biological
                              parentage. He knew that his mother
                              is your daughter, but he didn't
                              seem interested in finding her.
                              Did you look for his biological
                              father, papa Mark?

                              I didn't look, the information
                              just....came to me... recently. It
                              looks like your son has been
                              successfully delivered, and you
                              will recover from this difficult
                              birth in a short time.

                              My son has been delivered? I've
                              been talking to you, why wasn't I
                              aware of his delivery?

                              You're still under sedation,
                              Emily.I don't know if you will
                              remember this conversation when
                              you wake up or not. Just tell
                              David to be strong for Estelle.
                              She'll need him now. It would be a
                              good idea if you move back into
                              our house. Estelle will love
                              helping with the baby.

               The room around them seems to glow with a soft florescent


               There is just Emily in the bed, and Mark beside the bed. All
               of the surgical personnel are no longer in evidence.

                              I have to go now, Emily. I'm
                              being...called away...Estelle and
                              David know that I will love them
                              forever. Goodbye, sweet little
                              Emily. I will also love you
                              forever, my daughter. Goodbye....


               David holds Estelle, who is weeping quietly. Barry and
               Colleen are now part of the group.

                              When Colleen called to tell us
                              that Emily was in delivery, I
                              tried to wake Mark. There was no
                              response, so I turned on the
                              light. He had passed away in his
                              sleep, David. Quietly, without
                              pain, beside the one person in the
                              world who loves him most.

                              We knew this was inevitable, mama.
                              He didn't want to be hooked up to
                              machines to keep him alive. He
                              died at peace. I thank God for
                              that. He was the best, most
                              honourable man I've ever known.
                              The doctor approaches David and

                              Mrs. Larson is waking up, Mr.
                              Larson. A nurse is in the room
                              with your son. Mother and baby are
                              doing well, much better than
                              expected under the circumstances.

                              Circumstances? What happened,
                              David? I'm not fragile. If
                              something's wrong, I need to know.
                              Mark would never want my grief to
                              get in the way of taking care of
                              my family.

                              I know that mama, it's just that
                              I've barely processed it myself.
                              It was a breach birth, and the
                              cord was wrapped around the baby's
                              neck. The situation looked
                              hopeless. The doctor thought that
                              only one of them could be saved.
                              Then something suddenly happened,
                              the doctor doesn't know what it
                              was. Somehow, Emily's entire body
                              relaxed, the cord came loose, and
                              the baby all but delivered

                              Do you think it might be a
                              miracle, David?

                              I don't know mama. Kyle, Judy and
                              I have been down here in the
                              chapel praying for the last four
                              hours. It sure seems like a
                              miracle to me. The doctor had no
                              explanation at all as to how it
                              could have happened.

                              Well, let's go up and meet the new
                              addition to our family.

The End

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