Double Wedding


               August 1974

               The lawn and arbour is set up for a double wedding. Judy
               and Kyle, Joanie and Stuart are getting married. The brides
               and grooms say their vows facing each other. There are
               two ministers, two wedding parties.

                              I now pronounce you man and wife,
                              Kyle, you may kiss your bride.

               Kyle and Judy kiss, they wait for Joanie and Stuart to
               saytheir vows.

                              I now pronounce you man and
                              wife.Stuart, you may kiss your

               Joanie and Stuart kiss and then walk down the aisle
               of swords. They are followed by Stuart's brother Sam as
               best man, and a very pregnant Emily as matron of honour.
               They wait for the other wedding party.

                                     (to emily)
                              Are you alright Em? you look
                              flushed, uncomfortable. How's the
                              baby? Stuart, will you get Emily a
                              chair please?

               Stuart gets Emily a chair, she sits. Kyle and Judy walk
               downthe aisle of swords in the background, followed by
               Kyle's best man David, and Judy's maid of honour, her
               sister Sylvia.

                              Don't worry about me Jo Jo, I'm
                              not due for another six weeks. I
                              had no idea I would be pregnant a
                              year ago when we started planning
                              your wedding. I can't imagine what
                              the pictures will look like, I
                              feel like a beached whale!

                              You look beautiful, as always. I'm
                              going to miss having you nearby.
                              Stuart has to finish his forensics
                              courses. Until he does, we have to
                              live in that apartment in Ottawa.
                              It's not so bad, but I'm used to
                              all this!

               Joanie spreads her arms wide to indicate the wide open
               spaceof her childhood home. Kyle's wedding party joins
               them.David goes to stand behind his wife's chair.

                              How are you feeling, darling?

                              I'm fine, honey. This little guy
                              is kicking,that's all. Mama
                              Estelle says that you were over
                              nine pounds when you were born.
                              I'll bet anything this one is
                              going to be over ten pounds!

The End

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