Wedding Bells


               July, 1972

               Emily is wearing a beautiful white lace over white silk
               wedding gown. She walks down a rose petal path with her
               father to the climbing rose archway of the arbour. David
               waits for her with Joanie who is her maid of honour. Kyle
               is David's best man. They repeat their vows in front of
               their minister.

                              With this ring, I thee wed... etc.

               David slips the ring on Emily's finger.

                              With this ring, I thee wed...etc.

               Emily slips the ring on David's finger.

                              With the power invested in me by
                              the province of Ontario, I now
                              pronounce you man and wife.
                              David, you may kiss your bride.

               David and Emily kiss for so long, and so passionately, that
               the minister has to clear his throat to get them to stop.

                              AH...HEM...!!! I would like to
                              present you to all gathered here,
                              as Mr. and Mrs. David Larson.

               David and Emily walk down an aisle of uniformed police
               officers holding crossed swords above them. David is
               wearing his full dress uniform.

                                          FRIENDS AND FAMILY
                                     (mixed calls)
                              congratulations, good luck, Oh,
                              isn't she beautiful! He looks so
                              handsome in his uniform!

               At the end of the aisle, the officers put down their swords,
               and the bride and groom go to the front row of guests, where
               Mark Larson is sitting in a wheelchair with Estelle seated
               beside him. Emily hugs and kisses David's parents. They
               crouch on their toes in front of Mark.


               You look wonderful, Emily. Welcome to the family. We're so
               glad that you agreed to have the wedding so soon after your


               I wanted to get married soon, anyway, Mrs. larson. When Mr.
               Larson developed pneumonia, and then another heart attack
               in March, I really didn't want to wait at all. You've been
               a great help pulling everything together in just four

                              It was the greatest pleasure for
                              me. I have no daughter to get
                              ready for her wedding. A son just
                              has to get dressed and show up on
                              time! You are our daughter now,
                              Emily. We would really like it if
                              you would call us mama Estelle and
                              papa Mark.

               With a sigh of relief, Emily hugs Estelle.

                              I was wondering what to call you
                              now. I've always called you Mr.
                              and Mrs. Larson out of great

                              The house you're renting is only
                              three blocks away. You don't mind
                              living so close to us? Nothing was
                              ever said, but I know that David
                              wants to stay near home for my

               David takes a couple of chairs and places them in front of
               his parents. Mark holds Emily's hands as he speaks from the

                              You know that we are David's
                              biological grandparents, and we
                              adopted him at birth. I'm almost
                              78 years old. I've had a good
                              life. My health is failing, and I
                              know I probably won't last another
                              five years.

               At this, David gets up to stand behind Mark's wheelchair. He
               hugs his father's shoulders and kisses the top of his head.
               Tears of joy and sorrow course down his face.

                              I've lived long enough to see my
                              son achieve his dream of becoming
                              a cop. Today I've seen him marry
                              the love of his life. I am

               Mark lets go of Emily, and puts one hand up to pat David's
               hand on his shoulder. He reaches out to take Estelle's

                              When I go to my final rest, I
                              don't want either of you to
                              grieve too long. You're seven
                              years younger, and healthy, my
                              dear. There will be grandchildren
                              for you to love and take joy in.
                              Don't be too sad too long for my
                              sake. I will love you forever
                              wherever I end up, so allow
                              yourself to be happy.

               By this time, everyone except Mark was weeping openly.

                              Now go enjoy your wedding day, you
                              two. I'm just fine here. Estelle
                              is the best nurse in Canada in my
                              eyes, so don't worry about me.
                              go... go!

               Mark shoos them away, and they go to join their other

The End

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