Prom Night


               The gym is full of young dancers. David and Emily step out
               onto the landscaped lawn of the school.

                              I think you know how I feel about
                              you, but I was waiting till you
                              were eighteen to tell you. I've
                              decided that I want you to know
                              now. I love you. I suppose I
                              always have, but I couldn't tell
                              you because you're too young.

               David takes a small box out of his pocket.

                              I was going to give you this for
                              your birthday, but I want you to
                              have it now. It's a promise to be
                              monogamous, to only date each
                              other. I guess I'm asking you to
                              go steady.

                                     (tearing up)
                              I love you too, David, more than I
                              could ever imagine.I guess I've
                              never made it any secret. I've
                              always believed that for every
                              one there is another one. You are
                              my one, my only, forever. Of
                              course I want to go steady with

               David opens the box to reveal a glistening yellow topaz, the
               November birthstone. He puts it on her finger, a perfect
               fit. They hug and kiss for a few minutes, then return to
               the dance.

The End

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