late June, 1971

               Kyle, David and Stuart sit uncomfortably on the couch and
               arm chair. They are all wearing tuxedos.

                              Whoever invented the tuxedo ought
                              to be shot!

                              Then hung!

                              Then put in a wood chipper!

               David and Stuart make faces of disgust.

                              What? I hate this monkey suit! I
                              wish Judy hadn't decided to get
                              dressed here. We could have
                              picked her up in the limo that we
                              rented. at least I wouldn't have
                              to sit around waiting for her.

               Colleen Maxwell comes down the stairs carrying a camera.
               Barry Maxwell meets her at the bottom with another camera.

                              The girls are ready. David, Emily
                              is coming down first, and I want
                              you to wait for her on the bottom
                              step by the banister. Barry will
                              take a picture from the couch.
                              I'll take a picture from another
                              angle by the door.

               Barry and David take their positions

                              Joanie will come down next, and
                              you will be waiting for her,
                              Stuart. Judy will come down last
                              you will be waiting for her Kyle.
                              Then we'll have a group shot.

                              Have you ever considered a career
                              as a photographer, dear?

               Laughing, Colleen gets into position by the door. Emily
               appears at the top in a floor length Cream coloured fine
               lace dress. It has peach taffeta underlining and small
               frills at the empire waist. The long sleeves are all lace.

                                     (barely breathing)
                              So beautiful...

               As Emily comes down the stairs, David stares at her as
               though he will never see enough of her. As she reaches him,
               He pins a pink rose corsage on her shoulder. Barry and
               Colleen take pictures. They move away, and the whole thing
               is repeated with Joanie and Stuart.Joanie is wearing a long
               floral silk gown.

                                     (to Joanie)
                              Do you think Judy has any idea
                              what is about to happen?


               Not a clue. I can't wait!

               Judy appears at the top of the stairs in a long mint green
               satin gown. Kyle waits at the bottom. As she approaches
               him, he falls to one knee and fishes a small velvet box out
               of his pocket. He takes her hand and looks up into her eyes.

                              Judy, I love you more than
                              anything else in the world. I
                              want to spend the rest of my life
                              making you happy. Will you marry

               Judy bursts into tears and with an overcome squeal, she
               throws herself into Kyle's arms.

                              YES,YES,YES, YES!!!

               Kyle sits her down on the step and puts the beautiful
               solitaire diamond ring on her finger. All of the women weep
                openly. Kyle discreetly wipes away the tears that run down
               his own face. The rest of the men in the room clear their
               throats to fight off the emotion of the moment.

                                     (through tears)
                              I don't know what to say, Im...
                              overwhelmed. Kyle, I love you so
                              much. I can't think of anything
                              better than spending the rest of
                              my life with you.

               Colleen circles the bottom of the stairs, snapping pictures
               as she goes. Barry is also taking pictures of the prom

The End

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