The Morning After


               Kyle is still wearing his clothes from the previous night.
               He sits at the table with his head on his arms. Joanie
               enters and gets an ice pack from the freezer.

                              You look like hell. Judging by the
                              way you look, I'd guess you don't
                              feel much better.

                              Your guess would be dead on.

               Joanie hands him the ice pack and pours a glass of water.
               She takes a box of bicarbinate of soda out of a cuboard,
               and it mixes it in the water. she goves it to Kyle.

                              Here, drink this. I hope it helps.
                              I'm really sorry that I dragged
                              you into this.

                              I'm glad you told us. That awful
                              secret must have been eating you
                              up inside for the last two days.
                              I think I might have maimed him
                              permanently if I could have
                              gotten away with it.

                              David says that Jeff threw the
                              first punch, so he can't charge
                              you with anything, so what do you
                              think he'll do now?

                              It's hard to say. At least he
                              knows that he can't get away with
                              hurting either one of you. He's a
                              coward, he probably won't do
                              anything overtly. He'll most
                              likely just slither back under a
                              rock like the snake he is.

               Emily enters and makes a pot of coffee. She sits at the
               table to wait for it to perk.

                              You look like you've been run over
                              by a beer truck, Kyle.

                              Go away Em. I hate cheerful people
                              in the morning, particularly this

               Emily checks the coffee pot and pours three mugs full. She
               brings them to the table. The phone by the dining room door
               rings and Emily answers it.

                              Hello? Oh, hi Stuart. Yeah, she's
                              right here. It's for you Jo Jo.

               Joanie takes the receiver from Emily's outstretched hand.

                              Hi Stuart, David said that you
                              might call. Kyle? He's seen
                              better days, but I think he'll

               Joanie streches the cord and takes the receiver around the
               corner of the door jamb to speak privately.

The End

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