Joanie Gets A Date

                              I feel so badly about all of this,
                              just because I wanted to go to the

                              Oh yeah, about that. Do you still
                              want to go to the prom?

                              I.. I guess so, but I don't have
                              anyone to go with.

                              There's a cadet on my shift that
                              went through training with Kyle
                              and I. He's remarked at different
                              times how pretty you are, and that
                              he'd like to meet you.

                              Are you sure it wasn't Emily? We
                              do look alike you know. people
                              always notice her first. she's so
                              open, vibrant. I .. keep my head

As if too demonstrate, Joanie blushes in embarassment and puts her head down.

                              I've met Stuart, Joanie. I'm sure
                              he knows who he's talking about.
                              He's a nice guy, on the shy side,
                              like you.

                              He's smart, interested in science.
                              He's going into forensic
                              investigation as soon as he's
                              rated as a police officer. You
                              two have a lot in common, I don't
                              know why I never thought of it

                              What does all this got to do with
                              the prom?

                              Stuart was on duty tonight to help
                              break up the brawl at the bar. I
                              asked him if he might be
                              interested in going to the prom
                              with you.

                              What? You had no right! I can't
                              imagine what he thinks of a girl
                              who can't get her own date for
                              the prom! He must think I'm un..
                              undatable! um.. just out of
                              curiosity, what did he say?

                              He said he'd like to go. He even
                              knows how to dance. He loves
                              music, he plays piano and cello.
                              He knows Kyle's number, so he
                              said that he would call to ask
                              you himself. I didn't know at
                              that time if you still wanted to
                              go or not.

The End

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