David gets up, gets a cloth and cleans up the mess he made
              with his coffee. He gets himself another one and sits down.

                              Kyle drank, I stayed sober.
                              Everyone knows we're cops, so no
                              one questioned the fact that I
                              didn't want to drive drunk.
                              Anyway, eventually a dispute over
                              hockey teams led to a free-for-all
                              brawl. The Police were called.

                              Good, I hope Jeff got the stuffing
                              beaten out of him!!

                              would you like to tell the story

               She shakes her head. David continues.

                              Kyle and I ended up in the parking
                              lot with most of the other
                              patrons. Kyle cornered Jeff and
                              challenged him to a fight for
                              what he did to you, Joanie. Jeff
                              denied everything. He finally
                              admitted that there had been
                              "some action" in the equipment
                              shed, but he said that you had
                              wanted it. Kyle nearly lost it
                              right then and there. I had to
                              hold him back.

                              Why did you do that? In fact, what
                              were you doing during that
                              altercation, any way?

                              I held everyone else back with the
                              help of some of the on duty cops
                              from our detachment. I told them
                              the real reason for the fight
                              between Kyle and Jeff.

               David gets up and paces the room with nervous energy.

                              As long as Kyle didn't throw the
                              first punch, Jeff couldn't charge
                              him with assault. Anyway, Jeff
                              kept backing off when he saw the
                              on duty cops. Then Kyle shouted
                              into the crowd that his sister
                              broke up with Jeff, because he
                              would rather date boys!!

               Emily and Joanie laugh, enjoying the story.

                              Jeff lost it and took a swing at Kyle. 
                              It actually connected. I suspect that Kyle
                              walked into the punch on purpose,so that he
                              could charge jeff with assault if he ever
                              tried to pursue the incident in court. After
                              that punch, Kyle went after Jeff in a big way.     
                              The cops had to step in when Kyle got Jeff's    
                              arm behind his back and snapped it like a twig!   
                              I dragged Kyle out of there just as Jeff was
                              being loaded into a cruiser.
                              He threatened to Sue Kyle,the police, everybody.

                              Can he sue you, or the police for
                              not stopping it?

                              I doubt it. A lot of witnesses saw
                              Jeff throw the first punch.
                              Besides, if he starts a dialogue
                              with the police, Kyle can charge
                              him with assault on him as well
                              as on you Joanie. Before we went
                              to the bar, we asked around the
                              school. There were witnesses that
                              heard the screaming, and saw you
                              come out. Your bruises are pretty
                              colourful now, so that proves

                              What about the attempted rape?

                              The bruises prove that there was a
                              fight between you two, but not
                              what his intentions were. He can
                              just say he got mad when you
                              broke up with him.

                              So what you're saying is that Jeff
                              can go to jail for throwing a
                              punch at a guy, but not for
                              trying to rape a girl? It's 1971!
                              In this day and age, you would
                              think the laws would be more

                              The laws are mostly made by men to
                              the advantage of men, but things
                              are changing. Women are beginning
                              to gain power in the political
                              arena. Eventually women will get
                              better justice from the law.

The End

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