Emily is sitting at the table with a fashion magazine,
               Joanie is anxiously pacing the room.

                              Joanie, will you roost somewhere?
                              Kyle will get here when he gets
                              here. It's not even midnight.
                              It's still early for a Saturday
                              night. If anything had happened,
                              the police would have called here

               A car door slams, and both girls rush to the door. Emily
               holds the door open as David helps an obviously inebriated
               Kyle get into the house.

                              I'll put on some coffee.

               David and Emily help Kyle through the kitchen and on into
               the living room. They disappear momentarily, and return.
               Joanie has four mugs set out on the counter, waiting for
               the coffee to perk

                              you won't need that fourth mug.
                              It's not going to do him any
                              good, and I doubt if he'll be
                              able to keep it down anyway.

                              Won't it help sober him up?

                              No, only time and sleep will do
                              that. You might want to get a
                              pail or a basin to put beside the
                              couch. Beer vomit is sure to ruin
                              the rug. You might want to get
                              him an ice pack and some gauze as
                              well.You couldn't see it with his
                              head down when we came in, but
                              his face isn't too pretty right

               Joanie went to get an ice pack and some first aid supplies.

                              How come you let Kyle get all
                              drunked up, and apparently all
                              beat up as well? I can understand
                              if it was a barroom brawl, but you
                              seem to have escaped unscathed.

               Retching sounds, slurred threats and a short howl of pain
               can be heard from the other room. A startled female squeal
               and Running footsteps to the downstairs bathroom is also
               clearly audible in the kitchen.

                              Poor Joanie. Unless I'm badly
                              mistaken, Kyle puked on her.

               Loud snores issue forth from the living room, and Joanie can
               be heard running upstairs to change.

                              It's a good thing my parents are
                              away in Peterborough this
                              weekend, Or mom would not be a
                              happy camper. Dad would probably
                              laugh it off, because I've heard
                              some stories of his misspent

               Emily fills her coffee mug and David's. She goes to the
               cupboard and gets out a box of cereal.

                              Do you want some cereal David?

               He shakes his head and she gets a bowl from the cupoard, and
               milk from the fridge. She sits at the table to eat her

                              Is Jeff's dead body in the trunk
                              of your car? do we have to bury
                              his body somewhere, or better
                              yet, burn it?

                              wha....? Ha ahahah ahahha!
                                     (cough cough)

               David spits his coffee out as he laughs loud and long.

                              Who do you think we are.. Bonnie
                              and clyde? Remind me to take you
                              along the next time I plan a
                              murder! I'll tell you everything
                              as soon as Joanie comes down. I'm
                              not going to tell the whole thing

               Joanie enters with a towel around her hair. She wears a
               fresh outfit.

                              How's our drunken idiot doing?

                              He's fine. He's sleeping it off. I
                              treated his wounds. He has one
                              black eye and a reasonably deep
                              cut under the other one. The ice
                              pack helped. He asked for Aspirin
                              so I gave it to him with water.
                              Not that it did him any good.
                              He spewed it right back at me.

               Joanie goes to the counter , gets coffee, and sits at the

                              Okay, I want the whole story, and
                              it better be good. My one and
                              only silk shirt may be ruined. If
                              it is, both of you are going to
                              buy me a new one!


The End

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