Emily bursts in through the door and flops down on her bed.
               Joanie is on the window seat, reading.

                              I'm going to the prom with David!

               Joanie puts down her book.

                              David asked you to the prom, how
                              did that happen? He's been
                              walking on egg shells around you
                              since the now infamous mistletoe

                              Well, he didn't exactly ask me
                              out. I just put it out there that
                              I needed a date for the Prom, and
                              Kyle was very snotty about
                              telling me he had better taste.

                              I'll bet he was. Then what did
                              David say?

                              He said he couldn't dance, and I
                              said that I would teach him.

                              Well, good luck with that.

                              Have you got a date for the prom?

               Joanie picks up her book and pretends to read.

                              Joanie, I said..

                              I know, I heard you.
                              No... I guess not...not anymore...

               Emily walks over to the window seat and kneels beside it.
               she takes the book away from Joanie.

                              What's up with you Jo Jo?
                              You've been secretive and jumpy
                              for the last month. You don't
                              talk to me anymore, about
                              anything. We used to tell each
                              other everything. You sneak off
                              right after school, and I don't
                              know where you've gone. You show
                              up at home hours later and you
                              won't tell us where you've been.
                              Did you get involved with drugs
                              after we promised we wouldn't?

                              I hope you don't really think I'm
                              that stupid. No, I'm not doing
                              drugs! I'll swear on a bible if
                              you want.


               That won't be necessary, I believe you. Just tell me what is
               going on!

                              I..I can't.. I was so stupid.
                              People have always thought that I
                              was the smart twin.. the good
                              twin.. nobody knew, not even
                              you.. that I was the jealous

                              What are you you talking about Jo
                              Jo? You're not making sense.

               Joanie puts her feet up on the seat and huddles defensively
               into the cardigan that she has worn for two days.

                              Never mind, just leave me alone.
                              Why don't you go shopping for a
                              perfect prom dress, to impress
                              your perfect boyfriend. Then you
                              can have the most perfect night
                              of your perfect life at your very
                              own perfect prom!

               Joanie bursts into tears and tries to climb over her sister
               to get away. Emily grabs the cardigan, and it falls off
               Joanie's shoulders. A hideous purple bruise is revealed on
               the inside of her arm, from the elbow to the shoulder.

                              Oh my God, what happened to you?
                              You are not leaving this room
                              until you tell me absolutely

               She sits Joanie back down on the window seat, and hugs her,
               being careful to avoid the inside of her arm. Joanie is
               sobbing bitterly. Emily waits until the storm subsides.

                              What happened to your arm?

               Joanie wiped her eyes with the tissues Emily gave her, and
               gave a great sigh of resignation.

                              I've been seeing Jeff pike.

                              Are you crazy? That guy is a

                              You dated him for six months.

                              I only started dating Jeff because
                              David didn't seem to be
                              interested, so I wanted to make
                              him jealous. It wasn't working,
                              so I tried to break up after a
                              month. Jeff just wouldn't take no
                              for an answer. He wouldn't leave
                              me alone.I finally got rid of him
                              by threatening to get a
                              restraining order put on him.I
                              told you all this at the time,
                              weren't you listening?

                              I was, but Jeff had always been
                              nice to me, polite and
                              flattering. I just wanted to go
                              to my senior prom. I didn't go to
                              the junior prom, because nobody
                              asked me. You turned down three
                              boys before you chose one. Nobody
                              sees me,only you. We look alike,
                              but everyone makes a big fuss
                              over you, and I might as well be
                              invisible. I'm so jealous of you
                              sometimes, that I actually hate

                              People notice me because I make
                              them. I'm right in their faces.
                              You're shy, you keep your head
                              down when you walk. no one can
                              see how beautiful you are.
                              Besides, you're not invisible.
                              You've got lots of friends, more
                              than I do, that's for sure.

                              Yeah, but they're mostly girls.
                              What good is that going to do me?
                              I needed a date for the prom, and
                              Jeff asked me. I said yes. I was
                              going to go home and tell you,
                              but Jeff didn't want me to.

                              I'm interested in hearing his

                              He said that there was bad blood
                              between the two of you.You
                              completely misunderstood him. He
                              cared about you, but you were
                              just using him to make David
                              jealous. I knew that part was
                              true. I never did think that was
                              being fair to Jeff. I told you so
                              at the time.

                              I know you did, and I admit that
                              it was wrong. After one month I
                              tried to break up with him, and
                              he wouldn't let me. I told him
                              that I wasn't the girl for him,
                              and that I was interested in
                              someone else. He still wouldn't
                              let me go.

                              I know you told me all that, and I
                              believed you, but I just wanted a
                              boyfriend. I knew he wasn't
                              perfect, but he was nice to me
                              and took me to the movies. For
                              the first three weeks he accepted
                              it when I said no. After that, he
                              started putting his hands all
                              over me, and I didn't like it.

                              How did you deal with it?

                              I pushed him away. I only dated
                              him for five weeks. I broke up
                              with him two days ago. We were in
                              the equipment shed at the school.
                              We used to meet there after class
                              just to talk and kiss. I never let
                              him go any further than that.

                              Joanie, what were you thinking?
                              That shed is way at the other end
                              of the football field. You were
                              completely isolated!

                              I know, but Jeff isn't much bigger
                              than me. Pushing him away had
                              always worked before.He had never
                              forced me, but when I told him I
                              didn't want to date him anymore,
                              he went ballistic!

               Joanie is becoming more and more agitated. She gets up off
               the window seat and paces the room.

                              He grabbed me from behind when I
                              went to the door. I was taken by
                              surprise, and I didn't have a
                              chance to fight back. He held my
                              arms and kneed me in the back of
                              my knees. My legs buckled, and
                              he..he ..pu.. pushed me on the

               Joanie is now face down on her bed. She weeps uncontrollably
               into her pillow. Emily rubs her neck, tries but fails to
               comfort. At last, Joanie sits up and wipes her face with
               the damp washcloth that Emily has brought her.

                              I rolled away, but he pinned me on
                              my back. He knelt on my arms and
                              sat on my stomach.

               Emily sits on the bed with her twin and holds her while she
               forces herself to tell the rest of the ordeal.

                              He tried to rip my blouse off, but
                              I spit in his face. He jerked back
                              and one knee fell off my arm. I
                              pushed him away and kneed him
                              good in the groin. As I ran out
                              the door, he shouted that it was
                              my word against his.

                              Why didn' you tell dad? You can
                              have him arrested. You should
                              have showed dad that bruise.

                              I can't prove anything. Jeff will
                              just say that he didn't do it.
                              He'll say that I led him on, that
                              I wanted it. The fact that I
                              wasn't actually raped will give
                              him the advantage. He'll say that
                              he never even touched me.

                              Since there were no witnesses, I
                              guess it really is your word
                              against his. That doesn't mean
                              that he's going to get away with
                              it though. We're going to tell
                              David and Kyle. I'm sure they can
                              come up with some legal way of
                              making sure that Jeff leaves you

                              I'm afraid they might do something
                              that will get them put in prison.
                              David and Kyle are big guys. Jeff
                              is a wimp. They could pulverize
                              him in seconds.

                              They're both trained to keep their
                              tempers under control. They are
                              bound to run into situations
                              where keeping their temper is
                              going to keep them alive.The guys
                              are still over on David's deck, so
                              I'm going to march you over there
                              right now.

The End

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