January second, 1970

               David leans against the kitchen counter with a suitcase and
               a duffle bag at his feet beside him. He munches on a piece
               of toast. Emily wanders in combing her long hair. She sees
               David , turns and silently leaves. Kyle enters with a
               couple of duffle bags and drops them on the floor.

                              Whatever happened between you two
                              before Christmas, I wish you'd
                              get over it. I'm sick of Emily's
                              moods and your silence on the
                              subject. We'll be gone for a week
                              of orientation, and then we'll be
                              on the job training. Maybe it'll
                              just blow over.

                              Somehow I doubt that. She might
                              never forgive me.
                                     (sighs heavily)
                              She asked me why I never asked her
                              out, and I told her it would be
                              like dating my sister.

               Kyle laughs, glances at David's sour expression, and stops

                              That explains a lot. I know that's
                              how you feel about Joanie, but I
                              thought Emily was different for
                              you. I guess I've always had it
                              in the back of my mind that the
                              two of you would end up together

                              I guess I did too, somewhere deep
                              in my sub conscious. Anyway, we
                              had just kissed under the
                              mistletoe, and ..

               Kyle sits his cup of coffee on the table and looks over his
               shoulder at David. He raises one eye brow in deep interest.


               David waves away the inevitable question, unwilling to go
               into detail. He continues with his explanation.

                              I was off balance. Joanie walked
                              in on us, and I was embarrassed.
                              I was blindsided by that question
                              about asking her out. I just said
                              the first thing that came into my
                              head without thinking it through.
                              I didn't mean it the way it came
                              out. Emily was less than
                              impressed. She didn't give me a
                              chance to explain. She has barely
                              spoken to me since then.

               Emily has been standing just behind the door frame leading
               into the other room, listening. She strides into the
               kitchen and takes Kyle by the arm, and pulls him to the
               dining room door. She pushes him through.

                              Get lost big brother. David and I
                              have to talk.

               Laughing good naturedly, he closes the door behind him.

                              Eavesdropping is not an attractive
                              personality trait, Emily.

                              I don't care. You said I didn't
                              give you the chance to explain.
                              Now you've got the chance,

               David goes to her and takes her hand. He leads her to the
               table. He pulls out a chair for her and she sits. He sits
               beside her and holds both of her hands.

                              I'm sorry I hurt your feelings,
                              Em. I really am. The thing is, up
                              until that kiss, I tried very hard
                              not to think of you in any other
                              way but as my sister. You had
                              been dating Jeff Pike for six
                              months, and you seemed happy
                              enough. I didn't want to get in
                              the way of that.

               Emily snorts disgustedly and pulls her hands away from his.

                              Sometimes you can be really slow
                              on the uptake, David Larson!
                              Didn't you ever notice that I
                              never went to any event with Jeff
                              unless you were going to be there?

                              I noticed that you were at those
                              events of course, but you were
                              there with Jeff. I assumed you
                              only wanted to be there with
                              Jeff. What else was I supposed to

               Emily half rises from her chair, takes his head in her hands
               and gives it a quick shake. She sits back down.

                              Give your head a shake, you thick
                              headed dolt! I was trying to make
                              you jealous, take a stand, take me
                              away from Jeff. Instead, you
                              avoided us altogether!

                              Be reasonable Emily, I'm not a
                              mind reader. Besides, you're only
                              sixteen years old.

                              So what?

                              So.. any relationship between us
                              is likely to get hot and heavy
                              fast. That kiss under the
                              mistletoe proved it. You're too
                              young. Jail bait, in fact. Your
                              father is a cop. If he ever found
                              out that we'd had sex, he'd charge
                              me with statutory rape, and put me
                              behind bars until you were legally
                              an adult. That is, after he maimed
                              me first.

               David gets up and paces the room as he speaks

                              This whole conversation is
                              pointless, Emily. You've already
                              got a boyfriend your own age. He
                              doesn't look like much, so if he
                              ever tries to do anything you
                              don't like, I know you can handle

                              I can, and I have, actually. I
                              broke up with him the day after
                              the mistletoe incident. It took
                              me awhile to get rid of him. Five
                              months in fact. I finally had to
                              threaten him with a restraining

                                          KYLE AND BARRY ENTER.

                              Come on you two, we've got to go!
                              Joanie and Colleen are already in
                              the car. Let's get this luggage
                              into the trunk. It's a bit of a
                              drive from here to there.

The End

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