The boys stamp their feet on the rubber mat as they enter.
               They take off their outerwear and head into the kitchen
               holding their mail. Colleen is dumping a large bowl of
               chopped vegetables into a steaming soup pot.

                              Our O.P.P. letters are here mom.

                              Oh good. You boys have been so
                              anxious to get those letters for
                              the last couple of months. The
                              two of you went through so much
                              since graduation just to qualify
                              to apply! The soup won't be ready
                              for a half hour, so you might as
                              well open them now.

               The boys sit at the dinner table and nervously open their

                                          KYLE AND DAVID
                              You first!

               Laughing, Kyle begins to read out loud.

                              Dear Mr. Maxwell. blah blah..
                              blah.. here it is. You have
                              successfully met all of the
                              criteria necessary to enter the
                              Ontario Provincial Police Cadet
                              Program. You will begin
                              orientation on January 2nd. 1970
                              at the Police College in Orillia

               Kyle jumps up and begins hopping around waving the letter.

                              I did it. I did it. I got in!!

               David sits quietly at the table with a sad look on his face.
               Kyle looks alarmed and takes David's letter out of his
               hands. He reads it quickly, and slaps him on top of the
               head with the letter.

                              You got in too! I knew you were
                              faking. There is no way that I
                              got in and you didn't.

               David laughs, then becomes serious.

                              What if I hadn't gotten in? You'd
                              still go take your training,
                              wouldn't you?

                              I guess I'd help you find out why
                              you weren't accepted. There would
                              have to be a really good reason.
                              If it was just a matter of lack
                              of space on the program, I'd wait
                              till there was room for both of

                              You would do that for me?

                              Sure, we're brothers, more or
                              less, aren't we?

               David blushes slightly, embarrassed to discuss such deep

                              Pretty much, yeah. I'll wait till
                              after lunch to tell mom and dad.
                              I think they're both worried
                              about the danger of me being a
                              cop, but they've never tried to
                              talk me out of it. They know that
                              it's what I really want to do with
                              my life.

               The twins can be heard coming down the stairs laughing and
               talking. They come into the kitchen, and Emily picks up one
               of the open letters on the table.

                              I'm guessing by all the hooting
                              and hollering that these are the
                              letters you guys were waiting

               Kyle nods and grins.

                              We both got in. We go for
                              orientation for a week in
                              Orillia, then we'll be partnered
                              for a year with an experienced
                              coach officers.

               Colleen calls from the kitchen.

                              You girls came down just in time
                              to set the table for lunch.

                              Why can't the boys do it?

                              Because they're doing the dishes,
                              thats why.

               The boys laugh.

                              Want to switch?


               The girls are setting the table, and Colleen is bringing in
               a plate of dinner rolls when the telephone rings loudly.
               Kyle answers the phone which is on the wall between the
               kitchen and dining room. Kyle answers it.

                              Hello? Oh hi, Mrs. Larson. Yes,
                              David is here. I'll get him.

               Kyle holds the receiver towards David, who is still sitting
               at the table.

                              It's for you, David. It's your

               David takes the receiver. The siren of an ambulance is heard
               screaming in the distance, and getting closer.

                              Yeah, hi mom.

               David drops the receiver, and it dangles from the phone on
               the wall. He staggers and sits abruptly on the floor as
               though his legs gave out. He is as white as paste, and
               tears are running down his face.

                              DD..Dad just had a heart attack.
                              The ambulance is just getting to
                              our place now.

               Emily bursts into tears and goes to sit beside David. She
               hugs him fiercely.

                              Girls, I'm going over to be with
                              Estelle until the paramedics get
                              Mark in the ambulance.

               She strides purposefully towards the front closet and
               hastily gets dressed for the outdoors. Kyle and the girls
               help David to his feet. Emily runs to get his coat and
               boots. He gets dressed.

                              I'll drive you in your dad's car
                              to the hospital, David.I imagine
                              your mom will go in the ambulance
                              with your dad. Kyle, help the
                              girls make sure the stove and
                              everything is off, and put the
                              vegetables away. You can
                              bring the girls to the hospital, Kyle.
                              I'll call your dad at work.

               David follows Colleen out the door, and her children begin
               following her instructions.

The End

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