Growing Up With David


               July 1,1963 - the girls are now 10 years old, and the boys
               are 12.

               The two families are arranged along the fence of the horse
               corral at the RCMP Musical Ride Centre in Ottawa. The 32
               horses are being prepared for a performance for Dominion
               Day. Barry Maxwell is mounting one of the horses. He is
               wearing his full traditional scarlet RCMP uniform.

                              Barry looks so handsome in that
                              I wish he could stay on the
                              Musical Ride detail permanently.
                              He's less likely to get shot at.

                              This is his last summer of the
                              three year rotation, isn't it?

                              Yes, and I'm not looking forward
                              to him going back to his regular
                              detective investigations in
                              November. The civil rights
                              situation down in the southern
                              'States are becoming increasingly
                              more violent. I'm afraid that it's
                              going to make it's way up to
                              Canada. This is not a safe time
                              to be a cop.

               The two boys are standing with Mark Larson along the fence.
               They are watching the horsemen practice for the

                              The Musical Ride is so groovy. I'm
                              glad dad got to ride with them.
                              Mom is a lot happier in the
                              summer when he's riding in
                              performances. She doesn't worry
                              so much about him getting hurt
                              investigating gang wars, drug
                              cartels and mob murders.

                              All that stuff is what makes the
                              job so interesting though, Isn't
                              it? Your dad keeps the bad guys
                              off the streets. That's what I
                              want to do after high school. I
                              want to train to be a cop. Maybe
                              the O.P.P. I like the idea of
                              chasing down criminals with the
                              lights blazing and the siren

                              You've been watching too many
                              Steve McQueen movies.

                              I guess. I still want to be a cop,
                              though, dad. I've been thinking
                              about it for awhile. Kyle wants
                              to be a cop too.

                              Yeah, I do. Mom and the girls
                              aren't too happy about it though.
                              I've always wanted to be a cop.
                              It'll be neat if David and I get
                              to be partners and drive all over
                              Ontario chasing down thieves and
                              murderers, and stuff.

                              I thought you wanted to be a train
                              engineer like me, son.

                              I did dad, until they took the
                              steam engines out of service. I
                              liked the old engines with the
                              cow catchers. Now all the trains
                              are stream lined. Not so much
                              fun. Anyway, I mainly wanted to
                              be an engineer so I could work
                              with you, dad. You'll be retired
                              by the time I'm out of school, so
                              I thought I might be a cop

                              I see. Well whatever you do, I'll
                              be proud of you anyway.

               Colleen, Estelle and the girls join Mark and the boys along
               the fence. Emily immediately leans against the fence beside

                              What are you guys talking about?

                              David and I are going to be cops
                              when we grow up. What are you
                              going to be, besides a pain in
                              the ass?

                              Language, Kyle!

                              I'm sorry mom, but she is a giant
                              pain! She follows us everywhere.
                              She wants to play baseball with
                              us, or soccer, even hockey! If we
                              don't let her play, she steals our
                              equipment and hides it! Why is she
                              such a tom boy? Why can't she just
                              be a..a girl, like Joanie? At
                              least she doesn't bother us. All
                              she wants to do is play with
                              dolls and read books.

                              Yeah, how can two who girls look
                              so much alike, be so different?

                              That often happens with twins. The
                              more they look alike, the more
                              their personalities differ. I see
                              it all the time at the hospital
                              where I work.

                              Could there be one good twin and
                              one bad one? 'cause I can tell
                              you which one is the evil twin!

               David runs after Emily, who grabs his Mountie hat and runs
               away. Every one else leans against the fence and laughs as
               he chases her around the paddock, trying to retrieve his

The End

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