The Larsons see what is happening, and they furiously paddle
               towards Emily. When they get within a few feet, David

                              Stop the boat, dad! I'm going in
                              after her. I'm a strong swimmer,
                              and she can't stay afloat much
                              longer. Her head keeps going

                              Alright son, but kneel on the
                              seat, and dive in gently. Any
                              sharp movement is going to dump
                              us all in!

               David dives in While Mark and Estelle steady the canoe.

                              I'm going in too, Mr. Larson, OK?

               Mark nods, and Kyle dives in after David. The boys haven't
               quite reached Emily when she rolls onto her face and stops
               struggling. She has swallowed so much water that she has
               begun to drown.

                              Hang on Em, we're coming. Hang on!

               When David reaches her she is floating face downward,
               unconscious. He grabs her around the waist and rolls her
               over to get her face out of the water. Kyle arrives and
               holds the collar of her life jacket.

                              See if you can pull her upright by
                              the collar, Kyle. She's full of
                              water, I have to force it out. I
                              can't give her CPR in the water,
                              but I'm going to try something I
                              learned in swim class.

               David gets behind her while Kyle holds her up by the
               lifejacket. He puts his arms under her rib cage and locks
               his hands together. He pushes in and up strongly with his
               fists,and water and air is forced to come out of her mouth.
               He does this several times until she starts breathing on her
               own, spitting out water.

                              Oh thank God, she's breathing!
                              Great job, boys! We'll have to
                              get her back in the boat.

               By this time, the two canoes are only a few feet apart, with
               the boys and Emily in the water between them. The two boys
               are treading water while they hold her upright. When
               she stops coughing and sputtering she opens her eyes.


               I'm sorry mommy, I'm sorry daddy, I didn't mean to tip the
               boat. I was so scared I fogot how to swim.I wanna go home!

                              None of this is your fault, Em.
                              You've never been in a canoe
                              before. We didn't know that you
                              would get sea sick. I'm going to
                              hold out my paddle, and I want
                              you to hold onto it. The boys can
                              steady the boat while I haul you

               Emily holds onto the oar with both hands as Barry slowly
               pulls her to the side. Colleen kneels in the bottom bracing
               herself, while she reaches over and picks up Emily under the
               arms. She lifts the girl into the boat. Joanie hugs her and
               rubs her arms to warm them.

                              I thought you were going to drown!
                              Oh Em, what would I do without
                              you? Don't ever do that again,

                              I won't. I don't think I'll go
                              canoing anymore!

                              I'm going to pull you boys in one
                              at a time. Kyle, take the end of
                              my oar. David can steady the boat
                              while I haul you in. Then we'll
                              all bring David in.

               When the boys are in the boat, both canoes head for
               shore.The boats are moored, and everyone climbs up on the
               pier. David carries a blanket over to Emily, who huddles in
               a towel on the pier.

                              I got this from the car, Em. It's
                              warmer than a towel.

               He shyly drapes it over her shoulders and sits beside her.

                              You're annoying sometimes,
                              but..um..I guess...
                                     (blurts out)
                              I like you, I don't want to lose
                              you. You really scared me out

               Blushing profusely , he gets up and joins the men and Kyle
               as they load up the vehicles. Joanie joins Emily and hands
               her a steaming paper cup.

                              Here, drink this Em. It's hot
                              chocolate. It'll warm you
                              up.There's a coffee shop over at
                              the end of the docks. Are you
                              hungry? I can get you something.

                              No, I'm OK now. Stop fussing about
                              me!! Mrs. Larson is a nurse, she
                              checked me out really
                              good.There's no more water in my
                              lungs.I think She's really proud
                              of David's quick thinking. I am
                              too, he saved my life!

               Emily leans in close to Joanie and whispers

                              David says he likes me and he
                              doesn't want to lose me!

                              Really? Neat! I guess I'm not too
                              surprised. You've been telling
                              everybody that he's your
                              boyfriend since we first met him!

                              Maybe he finally took the hint. I
                              think what happened today scared
                              everybody.. a lot. If David and
                              Kyle hadn't got to me in time..
                              Maybe he almost did lose me.

The End

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