October 9, 1951


               October 9, 1951

               The room is dark, except for a round clock whose back lit
               face shows 3:35. Charlotte is  moves under the covers of
               the bed, moaning.

                              Mom, mom! aahhhh! Something is
                              happening, help!

               Charlotte sits up in bed abruptly, screaming.

                              Owowowow... this hurts! Oh
                              nooo..I'm all wet. I think my
                              water broke! Momomomom...Mommy! I
                              need you... mom, where are you?

               Estelle and her sister Alice come into the room, Alice puts
               on the light, and Estelle goes to the bed. She is carrying
               a handful of towels which she sets on the empty bedside

                              Alright, now Charlotte,
                              easy,easy.. breathe in little
                              puffs. That will help the pain.
                              We'll get you cleaned up, and get
                              you to the hospital.

               Estelle helps Charlotte get out of bed, while she makes
               little noises of comfort. She sits up on the
               side, obviously 40 weeks pregnant. Estelle holds                Charlotte's  wrist as she looks at her watch.

                              Fifteen minutes between
                              contractions. You're not in hard
                              labour yet. We'll get you to the
                              hospital in plenty of time.

               Alice walks to the bed with a small pile of clothing in her

                              I'll help you get her dressed,
                              Estelle. Mark and Derrick are
                              already up and dressed. They'll
                              be waiting in the car with her
                              suitcase when she's ready.

               Alice hands the clothing to Charlotte. She grumbles as she
               accepts them.

                              You talk as though I'm not even
                              in the room, Aunt Alice. I know
                              that you'll be more than glad to
                              get rid of me. I can't wait till
                              I get out of this gloomy old

               The women fuss around Charlotte.

               INT. HOSPITAL ROOM - LATER

               Estelle is holds a lustily screaming baby in a blue blanket.
               Mark stands beside her, self consciously rubbing the baby's

                              Oh Charlotte, he's beautiful! Nine
                              pounds, four ounces. He's going to
                              be big!

               Charlotte is sitting up in bed, sweating profusely.She moves
               slightly, moans with discomfort. She mumbles, just above a

                              That makes sense, considering his
                              father is probably a line backer.

               Estelle rocks the baby gently, and he quiets. Mark peersdown
               into the baby's face.

                              Well, he can play football in high
                              school if he wants to, but he's
                              going to be an engineer for the
                              CNR, like me. I'll teach him the
                              ropes as he grows up.

                              Do you want to hold him,
                              Charlotte? You might find a
                              connection, form a bond.

               Estelle walks to the head of the bed, and shows the now
               sleeping baby to his mother. Speaking softly, she tries to
               reason with her daughter.

                              Look at his sweet little face,
                              honey. How can you turn your back
                              on him? If you decide that you
                              want to be a part of his life
                              after all, we'll be alright with
                              that. We'll still raise him, but
                              you can see him whenever you

               Estelle holds the baby out to Charlotte, but she pushes him
               away with both hands, raising her voice angrily.

                              No, no! You are not going to talk
                              me into it! I don't want to see
                              him, I don't want anything to do
                              with him!

               Estelle backs off with the baby as Charlotte begins to
               scream and cry hysterically.

                              We have an agreement!! I'm going to
                              Los Angeles to become a star! What
                              would it look like if the studios
                              knew I had an illegitimate brat
                              somewhere? Nobody would hire me.
                              I don't want anything to do with
                              him, period!!!

               A nurse enters the room with a glassed in bassinet. She
               speaks to Charlotte in a disapproving manner.

                              Will you be breast feeding him,
                              MISS Larson?

                              No I won't, MISS snotty nurse! I
                              want painkillers, now!!

               Estelle hands the baby to the nurse, who puts him in the
               bassinet. She takes the baby out of the room.

                              The adoption attorney will be here
                              with the custody papers in a
                              couple of hours. You get some
                              rest. We'll be back later for you
                              to sign the papers.

               Charlotte scrunches down in the bed and pulls the covers
               up to her chin. She answers her mother in a disinterested


               Fine, whenever. I don't care

The End

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