Ghost Cop - The Screenplay

A sudden flash, a muffled pfft..and David's life was over. His spirit lingered above the mangled head of his lifeless body. The respected O.P.P. officer, beloved husband and father.. gone from a life that he had lived so well. Who was responsible? Who would do such a thing? The very essence of David could not leave this earthly boundary until those questions were answered.

 Fade in

               INT. BEDROOM - DAY

               Early march, 1951

               Charlotte Larson sits on the side of her bed and kicks off
               her saddle shoes. Tears roll down her face. She gags and
               holds her stomach, indicating nausea.

                              oh nooo, oh crap!
                              I can't be pregnant. I graduate in
                              June! I've got to fix this
                              soon,I'm running out of

               She runs across the hall to the bathroom and leans over the
               porcelain pedestal sink. Her long hair hides her face as
               she vomits.

               INT. BATHROOM DAY

               Charlotte backs away from the sink as her mother enters the
               room. Charlotte's mother enters. She is a petite woman of

                              Charlotte honey, are you alright?

               She takes a wash cloth from an open linen cupboard on the
               wall beside the sink. She walks over to her daughter and
               begins to wipe the mess off of Charlotte's face.

                              Do I look as though I'm alright,

               Charlotte jerks her head aside, goes to sit on the side of
               the tub,and puts her elbows on her knees. with her chin in
               her hands, she watches her mother.

                              When was your last period,
                              honey?Do you remember?

               Estelle cleans the sink with a cloth from a wall towel bar.
               When she finishes, she leans against the sink and studies
               her daughter, with a very concerned look on her face.

                              Of course I remember.

               She looks up at her mother from her cupped hands

                              It was New Year's Eve.I had a
                              date, and I couldn't go,because I
                              felt so rotten, even
                              though I barely spotted.

                              Eight weeks ago.
                              You're pregnant, Charlotte. You're
                              at least eight, maybe nine weeks

                              No I'm not, it's the flu, that's
                              all. My period has never been all
                              that regular, and after I started
                    , I could have it
                              three weeks apart, or five weeks

                              I'm not blind or stupid,Charlotte.
                                     (tired sigh)
                              I've been the head nurse on the
                              maternity ward of Ottawa General
                              Hospital for twenty years.I can
                              spot the first signs of pregnancy
                              a mile away.

                              It was an accident.This wasn't
                              supposed to happen. I didn't want
                              to do it. Maybe I was raped.

               she stands up

                              That's right, I was raped! It
                              wasn't my fault.

               Estelle stands up straight and faces Charlotte. They are
               face to face, two feet apart.

                              Oh Charlotte, we both know
                              better.I know you weren't raped,
                              or you would have been screaming
                              all the way to the police
                              Your father and I have tried to
                              raise you right, but you would
                              always go your own way, no matter
                              what. If we grounded you, you
                              sneaked out. If we restricted
                              privileges, you would find other
                              ways to get what you wanted.

               Estelle flings her hands up, fingers splayed in defeat. She
               is exasperated.

                              I've known for some time that you
                              are a young woman of easy
                              virtue.You're eighteen years old.
                              The legal age of consent. there's
                              not a thing I can do about it.

                              Easy virtue, mom?
                              That's an expression straight from
                              the stone ages.

                              I know, but I prefer not to use
                              the kind of foul language that
                              really describes your behaviour.
                              Do you even know who the father

                              Pick any guy off the senior
                              football team.
                                     (with a sneer)
                              It doesn't matter anyway.I'm going
                              to get rid of it.

                              No!  That won't be necessary.
                              You'll be showing too much by
                              graduation, so you'll have to
                              quit school. You can take your
                              year over after the baby is born.
                              We'll send you to your aunt
                              Alice's place in Vancouver. We'll
                              tell everyone that we're adopting
                              a child. No one need know that
                              it's yours. We'll just say that
                              you're living with your aunt
                              while you go to University in
                              British Columbia.

                              You don't really think that I'm
                              going to HAVE this thing, do you?
                              One of my friends knows a doctor
                              across the border in New York
                              state that will fix it for 500
                              dollars. I intend to go to my
                              graduation prom in June.

               Estelle reaches forward and grabs Charlotte by the
               shoulders. She gives the girl a hard shake, as she shouts

                              You are not going to kill this

               She releases the now frightened girl.

                              We will discuss this matter when
                              your father gets home.

The End

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