My Own Character

I am my characters.

  • Bea Knight
    Fatherly hatred
  • Jessica Belle - Jezabel.
    See right through her
    Easily forgotten
    Fear of hatred
    Lives inside her head
    Father ran away
    Writes music
    "Talented singer"
    Panic attacks
    Caused by my ex-girlfriend
  • Elizabeth Wright
    Full of sickness
    Wishes to distance herself from everyone for their benefit
    Focused on work - as I once was..
    Once upon a time, straight A*
    Digs nails into skin
    Throws up (however I just always feel like I need to..)
    Power to bend minds
    Pushing away the person she loves - something I have always done 
  • Charlie Piersafe
    Cheery when he shouldn't be
    Average grades
    Average musical talent
    Can get girls but doesn't get them all..
  • Laura Calloway
    Misses people from her past life; the person she used to be
    Quick temper
  • Dalton Triad
    Dislike for the human race
  • The Schizophrenic Bully
    No personality
    Cruel to others
    A dislike for her own personality
    Lives the way in which her mind seems to force her to.
  •  Lex
    Worries too much
  • Art
    Telling others not to worry
  • Rana Dolcci
    Not advisable to get on the wrong side of her
    Always fight for what she thinks is right
    Sceptical about things she knows nothing of
  • London Raiki
    "He is a musician: wacky, loud and guitar-playing" 
    Changes his mind easily
  • Lucy Knight
    "Quick to insult
    Mysterious (to some extent)
    Makes people feel lust towards her, because she can.
  • Allie Laniger
    Trusting of everyone
    Good imagination
    Detached from reality
    Wants to be shielded from the world around her
  • Torment
    The girl you walked away from.
  • Fearless 
    Full of fear
    Wanting to be unafraid
    Wanting to be loved
    Afraid of what others think
  • ...
    The silence which presses down on
    The silence I know all too well
    Unfinished thoughts filling every moment.
  • A Night Alone
    Screaming thoughts
    Thoughts saying she's worthless
    That she'll result to nothing
    They keep her awake
  • Failure
  • Before The Worst
    A perfect relationship which I destroyed
  • See Me
    Yearning for someone to notice her
  • Noises
    Hearing unnatural things at night
  • Dust on My Fingers
    Like the things I once believed in.. Only left with the memory, no more belief. Ah, what a lovely accidental metaphor.
  • Talking Rivers
    Like the one I fell in~
  • Worthful
    Because I am the one calling myself all of those things.
  • "Your Deepest Desires~"
    Simple wants: a man, acceptance into a university, a good job
    Really, all she wants is acceptance. Stupid really.
  • And So, We Hate Her
    A mixture of once being bullied for being smart
    And hating others now, for being smart
    Jealousy everywhere.
  • Weeds
    Because that's all I am.
  • May Your Life Be Better Than Mine
  • Smiling with Teary Eyes
    All the time..
  • Lion
    Tired of this place~
  • Mayonnaise
    This actually happened
    Not to mention the undertone of lesbian-ness here..
  •  Secrets
    My life, filled with these
    The secrets people have told me being the causes of my turmoil..
  • Trapped 
    Reality again
    The reality of those two splitting me in half with their holds..
  • Heartache
    I don't believe in love...
  • Treason 
    And once again, it's oh, so, real.
  • Spellcasting 
    Cake, the effect he has.
  • Battle Scars
  • Dana Lorne
    Another broken family
    Again, in her own little world
    Prefers to be anywhere but at home
  • Cara Terrel
    A ginger person she has no interest in
    "Good looks"
     A person she's dating who lives miles away (was relevant to me)
  • Cameron Stevens 
     Looks into things too much
    I LOVE YOU -insert name-
    Good at drawing attention to himself x3
  • Anna

Plus nearly all of my characters have broken families..-sigh-

The End

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