Peace And Love

"Having more peace and giving more love."

My priest's words.. and that is what I am doing. I am having a great deal of peace... with you. You make me peaceful - my goodness, how embarrassing.. everyone knows who I'm talking about *facepalm* well... whatever..- and I haven't stopped giving out my love over the past month or so..

And not just to you. Obviously, as everyone should know I have been so much more loving recently..

I have loved Ak and Toddles and very much so Wolfy and Frenchie (haven't really been sharing my love enough with Frenchie though.. or Gentleman..).... at any rate though, my love has been spreading like wildfire..

You, an atheist/agnostic/guy-who-does-not-give-a-crap-about-whether-He-is-real-or-not, are the one who is turning me into a good Christian girl..

I'm watching my blasphemy and everything...

Peace and love, the two things we are expected to show that we have and to give out..

And you say I make you peaceful.. and I'm obviously showing love x3

Thank you for making me a Catholic as I should be...

Miao.. ♥ 

The End

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