I find it really weird how different we are or rather, how different our effects on each other are..

  • He sleeps really well when I'm around - I find it almost impossible to sleep when he's near me or talking to me
  • He sleeps less well when I'm not around - I sleep like a very tired baby who's been running around and screaming all day when he's not around
  • I make him more confident (?) - he makes me more shy
  • I make him louder - he makes me quiet
  • I don't think I provoke any poetic/artistic characteristics in him - he makes me think inmore poetry than usual.. as if that was possible.
  • I make him listen to his own music more - he makes me want to listen to his music more :L
  • I make him talk in lessons(!) - he makes me more nervous to get things wrong in lessons and thuuus, I talk less..
  • I seem to make him a bad student.. - he makes me want to be a better one...
  • I make him unlucky by stealing his luck ~~ thus he makes me lucky xD
But then..
  • We both giggle when we talk to each other
  • And blush
  • And we usually seem to warm each other up
  • We are both really awkward together
  • We both make each other want to be with.. um.. the other person? That was a really confusing way of saying that.. we both want to be together?
  • We both make each other happy -cough- cliché -cough-
  • We make each other react in a certain way which I can't explain in case people read this :L
  • Mm..
  • We dream of each other!
  • Tehe.. we both seem to understand each other..
  • Hang on, I've gone off track.. that isn't an effect..
Anyway.. just wanted to share my thoughts..I'm way too tired for this..~
The End

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