Random order, no ordered relevance to my life.
There are at least two problems per person in this.. I'm not saying I've fancied 22 people.

  • At least two self-harmers
  • A victim of 'heavy' bullying
  • A social outcast
  • The one unwanted by the girl he 'loved'
  • A victim of domestic violence
  • Two people with seemingly no good future ahead
  • A secret bisexual with homophobic parents
  • Someone who got kicked out of two different family-filled houses
  • A potential schizophrenic
  • Someone with probable multiple personality disorder
  • Someone I was afraid of
  • Two 22 year olds
  • An ex-anorexic
  • A ginger autistic with a massive variety of other problems
  • An emo with few friends
  • An arrogant arse
  • People with asthma
  • Someone with completely unknown allergies
  • Someone with scoliosis
  • Someone younger than me
  • Someone just out of a relationship
  • Someone with an abusive ex-girlfriend

I think I'm attracted to problems.

The End

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