Mrs Dean

I think that for this English homework, instead of doing the work and getting a bad mark or not doing the work and saying something long and heart-felt ("I'm really sorry Miss I've been ill and because I've been coming in and falling asleep every night (lie) I have been getting really behind in my work... I would have a note from my mum only she doesn't care. Yesterday I was off because of this illness although my mother yelled at me before informing me that she wouldn't call the school because I was being stupid and then went to work at seven-ish to which I fell asleep and did not wake up for another eleven hours after at least eight hours sleep the night before."), I'm just going to go in, inform her that she has made me afraid of doing work in her lessons and for her lessons because I am so certain I will just fail at everything she gives me as that is the only feedback I ever seem to get no matter how much I try and no matter how much I try to change my work so it fits everything she has said it needs.

Because that is how I feel.

And if she does not care then fine, give me a pupil concern or whatever punishment you feel necessary. The likelihood is I will just continue to not do the work because I literally do not think I have any confidence left in my English - lesson-wise - skills for her to shatter.

The End

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