(Shipwrecked) - My Attempt At Putting The Character Profiles Together

Beauty [Bea] Knight
Bea has silver blue eyes with typically white blond hair which falls down to her lower back; giving off a Rapunzel effect. She is quite tall which, along with the twinkle in her eye, provokes fear in many others as she towers over a fair few people; especially the year sevens.
Height taken into account, she really doesn't intend on scaring people away - she could perhaps be compared to the BFG. She is generally a cheerful soul living only for the joy of others; her happiness is not important as long as everybody around her has a smile on their faces.
Parents Influence:
Her parents are against all forms of magic (and magic is very uncommon in these times anyway) and know nothing of Bea's life; they prefer not to be a part of it. Her mother takes more of an interest, and hopes that she will one day become a painter or, alternatively, any high paying job so that she can pay for her father's intense drug addiction.
She is an extremely talented artist and uses this as an outlet for her emotions often, not to anybody else's knowledge however.
Supernatural Skill:
Slightly unbeknown to her, she has the impressive ability to be able to see straight through any person - not in a literal sense. She is capable of knowing exactly what a person is feeling at any given time and, along with this, can tell a lie from the truth as easily as telling a pancake from a sausage; a convenient but generally hurtful skill.
Completely unbeknown to her, this does mean she can always see Jessica. No matter what powers may be coming over her.
On top of that, she has a photographic memory which, although is something which is found in the ordinary people of the world, is induced by her eyes and thus is a supernatural skill.
I feel her supernatural abilities should be called the all-seeing eye, for obvious reasons.
Additional information:
She has been dating Jessica for the past two years and her mother knows, she does not care; mainly because it isn't affecting Bea's learning and all that is important is Bea earning a living.
She also has a job working as a waitress and cannot remember a time she was not working there although, apart from the owner, she does not really speak to anybody there. It is all about the money.

Allie Laniger (Laniger is also Latin for ram :D)
Aries - The Ram.
Female medium height (5ft.5), deep brown eyes (close to red), dark brown hair, feminine but muscular body
Independent, entirely trusting of everyone, good imagination, a little detached from reality, athletic
Aries is a zodiac known for being greatly naive and due to this her main power is the subconscious ability to switch off to/ignore any activity which she would not want to know about (this really only applies to when she is in school or whatever they do in their normal lives).
However, as her element is fire and gemstone is ruby these both enhance her power. When in contact with her gemstone she is capable of a shield of fire (intensity and power - whether it could shield just her or others - depends on the purity of the ruby) and when with access to fire she can utilise the element in her shield and thus cause damage with it.

Serena Laya
Shorter than average (5ft) with long brunette hair and boobs bigger than she feels necessary. Her eyes are a pale blue which were once dark and intense but have faded with her positivity. She does not wear make-up and her skin is so pale she has been named a vampire many times by various childish bullies. Truly though, she is a rather beautiful person in looks.
She used to be a bubbly and kind-hearted person but three years ago her entire being was shattered by the soul-less Stephan. Now she rarely felt anything positive. In fact, she never felt anything positive. When Stephan walked into her life she had gradually let go of all her friends, believing she did not need them with Stephan around and then when she was hurt people did not know how to help her. And so they left her alone and that is the girl she became. The lonely, quiet girl with her head down in the corner of the class. At seventeen, nothing had changed.
Human with (at the moment anyway) no special powers. 

The End

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