Scrapping Everything.

Well I'm not.

But I'm going back to the vague original idea I think.

At the moment I'm completely ignoring 'Twinkle' and all which links to it. Purely because I want to focus on the other story I'm writing (which I'm also neglecting at the moment... so much so that I have forgotten it's name....).

When the other one is finished I'll start trying to put this together.

It's Blue's fault. He made me think about it all because in the story (this one) at the moment, it's planning on having three massive characters with one on the sideline. But having three massive characters is really too many. As Blue said, it'd become verrrry confusing because they all have such huge problems. Soo..... I think I'm planning on cutting Lizzie and Charlie out, or keeping them as minor characters. And cutting down on Jessica's problems so that the focus becomes Bea'uty'.

However, I need to think of an actual legitimate beginning..

And then I need to think of an ending.

Actually, before the ending I need to work out the purpose of the story..

And then after working out the ending I need to work out how the characters fit in and whether I'm doing it in first, second, third person.

Too much goes into writing flipping stories -.-

I'll get on it when I finish the one I'm doing at the moment.
-Which I still don't remember the name of..- 

The End

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