Charlie Piersafe

Charlie Piersafe
Charlie has middle-length dark blonde hair, rich in colour and always soft; it isn't that he cares much about his hair, he  just knows that Lizzie does. He is slender also but, like Lizzie, not to the point of anorexia - the 'perfect' thin/fat ratio. He also has a nice pair of broad shoulders and a bulked-up body; generally he is the boy who all the girls want, but Lizzie.
Entirely cheery, perhaps too cheery sometimes but it's only because it's how he wants everyone to feel. He is at his cheeriest when he is most upset which has added a large element of unnecessary awkwardness to break-ups in the past. He never shows his lows; not with his closest friends, nor by himself, nor with strangers or family, nor any time in his life. He is always, simply cheery.
Parents Influence:
He seems to have the perfect parents, mother, father and generally a good relationship between the two of them. Only, they wanted a daughter. Though most parents would want one gender, have a child of the other gender and get over it, his parents did not. Since he is and was born a boy he has always been a little detached from his parents - sometimes he wonders if being gay would help and then thinks about Lizzie and what he'd missed out on.
Charlie general isn't very skilled at much. His grades are average. He can get girls when he wants to but he doesn't get them all. His musical talent is pretty much on par with his grades. He is a fantastic friend but this, to him, lacks skill. What he can do, however, is work a hammer. With serious skill. He is the type of person who would find it easier to build a car than ace a French test.
Supernatural skill:
Similar to Lizzie, Charlie can mess with minds; to some extent. He is, however, completely unaware of it. He is fully capable of murder through someone's mind; making them go crazy to the point of killing themselves or simply tell their brain to tell their heart to stop... simple things. At the moment though, he thinks he is just very able to read people, especially Lizzie (as it turns out, he isn't actually that good at reading her).
Additional Information:
He knows that Lizzie has been living alone for the past three years, he knows that she works (and always walks past her on her way to work -knowing she is always late), he knows that her rent is halved and he believes that she does not love him. The clash of mind abilities make this a very difficult situation. He has only caught snippets of what she thinks and doesn't really know how he knows them, he just knows that they are true. The reason he is so sure she does not love him is because of how hard she blocks this secret from his view, above all other secrets she hides. 

The End

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