Elizabeth Wright

Elizabeth [Lizzie] Wright
Simple, flat brunette hair. No wacky colours or changes made to it in any way and she does not use any product or heat on it; it simply falls straight. It rests a little lower than her shoulders and she has a side fringe covering almost half of her face. Her eyes are a dark shade of brown, very close to black and she never wears any make-up. She is also fairly slender (not to the point of anorexic-looking, weirdly).
She is not at all shy but she is a loner. It is her choice not to get close to anyone, not out of spite or a dislike of general company but simply because she needs to focus on working, getting ahead. She is a straight A* student and can't afford to be any less than the best. Generally she is rather happy but with bipolar disorder, she has her down times. Her very down times which result in a mixture of crying, screaming, throwing up and curling up in corners while digging her nails into her soon-to-be-bloody skin.
Parents Influence:
She has lived alone since her mother died in a car accident. Her father left them before she was born and there has never been any sort of father figure in her life. Her mother had been dead for three years, almost to the day when her throwing up issues began. She has been alone completely for those three years.
Although she has next to no artistic or musical skill, she is impressive when it comes to academics. Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Maths2, English Lit., English Lang., Geography, History, Spanish and French were all expecting A*s when she reached the end of this year and she intends on reaching the expectations put upon her. She also has amazing timing, she always knows the perfect time to be around, the perfect time to have homework ready, the perfect time to ask how a person is - it isn't supernatural, it just seems it sometimes.
Supernatural Skill:
Lizzie is the only person who is fully aware of her supernatural ability, bending minds. This is what has kept her alive all these years. The almost full-time job which nobody questions though she is not yet sixteen and has been working there for three years, the rent which was halved with no hesitation, the life she has in a house on her own without having been taken away; all products of her powers. She hasn't discovered it yet but she can stop time too however this has the adverse effect when she is upset - hence why she's always late to work.
Additional information:
She has been in love with Charlie for the past two years and she knows that he has been in love with her for that time too. As perfect as they could be, Lizzie is afraid of how Charlie would react to all of her problems, including the power she knows of. She continues to brainwash Charlie into believing she has no feelings for him and yet he continues to be in love with her. Her plan to push him away doesn't appear to be working very well. 

The End

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