Jessica Belle

Jessica Belle [Jezabel or Jez]
Jessica has piercing deep blue eyes generally however at certain times they can fade to an almost white, grey. Her hair is dark blond and shoulder length due to an increased convenience and she is around half a foot shorter than Bea. People seem to see right through her on many occasions so looks are not too much of an importance.
She is a rather shy character aiming only to please but seeming to always do something wrong. Her fear of being hated or ignored gets the best of her and it is a very often occurrence that she will simply fade into the background and seemingly cease to exist momentarily. That is, until Bea pulls her back into the conversations. She lives inside her head, away with the fairies as her parents say.
Parents Influence:
Both her mother and her father were out of her life before she was old enough to know who they were. Her mother was deemed too mentally ill to look after a child and her father ran at the thought of a child and so she was given over to her uncle and his wife. her uncle died at his wife's hands three years ago and Janice had been abusing Jessica her whole life, a difficulty she knew to live with.
She has both a beautiful singing voice and a natural flare for writing music however she has very little faith in her talents and, believing they will never get her anywhere, rarely sings any more and only writes when she hasn't had an attack in a few days.
Supernatural Skill:
Jessica has an extremely useful ability to become invisible at any given time and, although she does not know it, is entirely in control of this power. It is most common when she is having an attack or is about to have an attack and also affects her when she is beginning to daydream or fall distant from a conversation. This ability is attached to another, the ability to force people to forget. Instantly as she becomes invisible, she is forgotten. The people around her have no awareness of her being there and no recollection of her ever truly existing. The danger of this is that, if she doesn't think to come back to reality then she never would if Bea wasn't around and able to see her. Nobody ever notices that she hasn't been around because her disappearance is forgotten once she re-enters everyone else's reality.
Additional information:
She is obviously dating Bea Knight and has been for the past two years. She kind of leans on Bea because she is the only person who is really able to get her out of her own head. On the other hand, Bea is normally the one who causes Jessica to get stuck in her own head or, alternatively, have a panic attack. She enjoys being in 'her' room more than anywhere else as her attacks are most frequent at school, she doesn't really go anywhere else and Janice rarely bothers her when she is in her room. 

The End

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