Getting My Thoughts Together

Apparently, I'm not capable of doing this without a place of writing and so - for my benefit only - I'm writing this here. (That way it's harder to lose)..

Based on Bea with a special 'twinkle' in her eye. Funny that.
Her lover is Jessica.

'Lizzie's Story'
Based on Lizzie who has an eating disorder and is seemingly  bipolar.
Her parents have been dead for  some amount of time - I'm not sure if I have decided this.. in fact, I don't even think her father is dead.
Charlie (Charles) is in love with her and has been for two years now but she doesn't want him to have to deal with her problems, even though she has been in love with him for the past two years too.
She goes to school.
Potentially she could be going to school alongside Bea and Jessica who are both in school themselves..
If I am to make this a fantasy (which is where Twinkle is eventually headed) then Lizzie may need fantasy added to her life.. Changing minds would be flipping useful for her, must say. She does seem to be very well 'hidden' or a girl who has no parents yet manages to not go into foster care...

The unnamed thing I have on notepad..
 Bea and Jessica are in this too but the roles are kind of switched. Then again, considering Bea has a retarded twinkle up above and cries a lot without people knowing then why the heck can't Jessica be totally messed up too?
Jessica has some kind of form of GAD (Generalised Anxiety Disorder) causing her to have a random panic attack in class but it's OKAY because nobody noticed...
Sooooo perhaps she can go invisible? Just unbeknown to her. And Bea doesn't notice the invisibility because of the twinkle? Could work..

But then without some kind of structure, these lot are just three random people who have no relation except random-ass secret power things which subsequently have nothing to do with each other.
Heck, Lizzie doesn't even slightly exist in the other two stories and nor does Charlie..
Right, I'm taking down Twinkle. It doesn't make sense to start with her. Her being Bea.. Especially because that implies that the world revolves around her which doesn't work if she doesn't know Lizzie (which she doesn't) and Charlie is non-existent in her World.
And it doesn't make sense to start in a lonely place with wooden floorboards because they all 'know each other' from school so school would be a good, natural place to start. Since the untitled chapter begins with a panic attack in school, perhaps that'd be a good place to start. And because they are both going to Bea's house, there comes the lonely room with wooden floorboards and then Lizzie? Just a random addition on the side? O.o
I could introduce them all into the panic attack stage. After I mean. Jessica goes to her locker, bumping into Michael and a variety of year sevens and.. end. Moving on to Lizzie who is leaving school. Expand the chapter back a bit so that instead of beginning as she throws up, it begins with her getting to her house and taking off her shirt.
There should be a third main character or set of main characters I feel.. then again, it could flip from Jessica's attack, to Lizzie's 'attack' and then onto Bea's little episode. It just doesn't feel right that Jessica and Bea know each other so.. perhaps there should be Charlie's perspective thrown in there too, a forth person to add to the equation since he's already involved?

The End

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