Gerascophobia : the fear of growing old.

I fear getting old. I don't want to ever have wrinkles or major health problems. I don't want to not be able to function like I can now. I won't be pretty anymore. My hair and skin will grow thin. My eyes will become lighter. My hair will become grey.

I'm hoping for some sort of way to have immortal beauty to be introduced before I lose my face. I've looked into immortality itself, as well. If such a thing is not possible by then, I don't know what I'll do. When I grow old, I'm not going to look it.

I'm almost sure I'm gerascophobic. No one else thinks about aging like I do, or worries about it almost every day. 

(And, just a disclaimer: As vain as this makes me sound, I am not. I have nothing against old people. I am not afraid of them. I actually very much like my elders. When people I know grow old, I don't think badly of them. I just can't stand the thought of myself being old.)


I think I've finally gone off the deep end, hmm?

The End

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