Gender Roles and Why They Disgust Me

anger rant

I hate the amount of gender roles that exist in society. I hate that people stereotype everything that we do, as if every action has to fit into a neatly labelled box. I am a feminist and so people automatically assume that I am a "man hater." Wrong - most of my few friends are male. I hate being told that my place, as a woman, is in the kitchen. If I express an opinion on many social networking sites, I am told (mainly by men) "That's cute hon, now get back in the kitchen" or "go make me a sandwich.")

People, both men and women, should not have to conform to roles in society. A man should not be mocked if he is emotional, or sensitive. A woman should not be criticised for straying away from the gossipy, lipgloss-wearing, nagging, over-emotional stereotype. Teenagers should not be dismissed as shoplifters and trouble-makers (most of the obnoxious things done to me by strangers have been done by adults). Feminists should not be labelled as "man haters." The list goes on.

I am a woman. I dress mostly in clothes purchased in the men's department; this is not to make a statement, it's because that's what I like. I hate wearing make-up or high-heels. I am generally laid-back, non-nagging, and definitely not irrational or into getting overly-emotional. I prefer to be playing videogames than reading fashion magazines. I know nothing about designer labels. I am not the only one who think this way - there are millions of women like me.

We have to stop associating vulnerability with women, and toughness with men. Human emotions were not supposed to be packed into neat little labelled filing-cabinets. Don't be something that you do not want to be. Do not let your gender define you.

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