A gathered collection of small nothings over things I realized.

There could be nothing sadder. 

You can come up with anything you want, but for me, this is the saddest, for that issue is like a hand reaching out and enveloping my heart, forcing me to take notice of it every time.

Simply because, when I just feel so alone, so unwanted on this earth, that hand appears. I won’t deny the fact that I do think of it, because face it, someone out there may be thinking it, but they never reveal it through anything. People may say that one must not commit suicide, but honestly, the best way to stop a person from taking their lives is to make sure no one hears of it. For if one has never heard of suicide, how would they even start thinking of it?

And suicide is sad. The word may mean that one ended their own life, I see it as the world making someone suffer to the point that they take drastic measures to end their lives.

The End

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