Here I made up a game called 'poet finish' hope you like it :-D.


This is a game called 'poet finish' some may know how to play it and others may not. For those who don't here are the rules. If you have any question about the game just ask. :-D


The boring bit the rules are but ithas to be done.

the aim of the game- finish off others poems. Anyone can write a poem right? You will write a poem on the next page and the person who write the poem next has to relate it to the other persons poem. If I write a poem about flowers and trees you would either have to write a poem about trees (that may get boring) or you could relate it to something e.g Nature then you would have a better selection of what to write. I will write a example so you understand what i mean.

Example 1:

Stuck here all alone, with only blue things to own. The flowers of the midnight sky, look so beautiful i ask you why, is the earth so bright...

see in their the keywords are 'flower,midnight,earth,bright' so you can either write about one of them. I will write the real first poem for you and you can add yours on :-P enjoy the game :-D:-D:-D:-D:-D


May be confusing at first bit once U get the hang of it becomes pretty cool.


Lily ( sister)



The End

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