Future DelusionsMature

more future shtuff

Man I just needa stop and think, gimme a drink
Throw me a juxtaposition hard enough to make me blink
A new direction with a fresh synergy link cuz this plan is about to sink 
Cut, cut this is a rap, don’t give me that look like im a fucking sap 
Naw just give me the map and don’t tell me I need a nap 
Just fuck this debating, and don’t ya dare tell me you’re relating 
This Bullshit is just discriminating against a relationship that is obviously obliterating
Give it some time and while you’re at it, suck on a fuckin lime
Bitch sound the chime cuz you really do need more sweet than sour in your rhyme 
Let’s start fresh so put on a nice dress and come to impress 
I’m going through with it, so really, what is there to repress? 
Screw it; I’m going to Hong Kong even if I don’t have a friend named Ling Chong
Ill hike the Song Tra Bong and follow my dreams which are forever long
Society tells me I shouldn’t get ahead of myself, so why don’t I consider my less distant state of wealth
Wowie, an apartment in Victoria, oh and maybe a neighbor named Gloria 
Wait a sec… Society you’re forgetting that your statements are contradicting, the future through your eyes seems pretty un-depicting

The End

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