Entry #1

Nothing much to say here, just me and my weird thoughts. Hope you like it.

There are things that happen that we want to explain, things we want answers for, situations that you run over and over again in your head hoping that maybe this time you will understand; this time you will finally get it.

There are things that define us, people, places, moments. Things that are so small end up shaping who we are. People that you never thought really impacted, but really did. Places that make you feel things, things that you should have forgotten.

As humans we like simple things. We like things to make sense, even when we crave the complex; we crave it only because we want to know what makes it complex. We want to know! We like questions, because we like answers. 

So that's what we do, we question. We question what we can't explain, we question who we are, we question the unknown.

How stupid of use right! It is the unknown for a reason, but that does not stop us because we hope that some how we will get the answer this time. We hope that this time it will be different, even when you know it wont.

Funny thing humans are.

The End

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