"I thought this was a cheese shop!!!"

I was with my brother and his girlfriend. His girlfriend was a bit of a 'Blond'... no offence to blond people or anything. We went into this soap shop, called 'Lush'. It was a quiet, lazy morning, and there were only a few people in the shop, about the size of an average Sainsbury's, might I add. As soon as we got to the checkout, my brother's girlfriend had a look of confusion on her face. Of course, my brother asked her what was wrong. So she said what was wrong, at the top of her lungs: 'I THOUGHT THIS WAS A CHEESE SHOP!!!' Everyone in the store seemed to hear this, and we saw heads appear from around corners, glaring at us with confused faces, as me and my brother hid our faces in shame, as we didn't wanna be seen with someone like that... Bloody cheese shop, really? XD


The End

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