Saturday, November 26th, 2011Mature

To choose joy; to choose joy over anger, over bitterness, over scorn.  To choose God, to see God, in every situation, every circumstance.  To choose to drink of His goodness instead of digging wells in the wasted land of our self-sufficiency, wells that never strike water.  To choose to cup the open hands and drink of the water of grace He pours in; the water that’s always there, the grace that continually rains down.  To choose God over ourselves, to choose joy over death.

            The book,One Thousand Giftsby Ann Voskamp, is changing me, opening me, tearing scales from my eyes.  Every chapter is pain, a searing off of the mask of old eyes, of blind eyes.  Every chapter is gut-wrenching truth, a digging deeper and deeper of soul, and excavating humanness and mortal perspective: flawed, incomplete.  Every chapter is sweet death as self drowns in the fullness of God.

            There is only deepening, only filling, only strengthening now.  There is no going back to my Egypt now I’ve seen the Promised Land.

The End

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