Wednesday, November 16th, 2011Mature

I don’t want to be separated from Jesus even a little, I only want to draw closer, and if anything stands in the way of that desire I pray for wisdom to know what it is.  I think I should also be praying for the resolve and determination to remove or abstain from whatever it is, otherwise there’s no purpose in knowing.  Yup, that’s what I’ll ask for: absolute resolve and determination to do my part in making our relationship the best possible!  That is what I really, truly want, God.  Let nothing, no matter how small, ever separate us.


Our love is immortal, eternal

Never dying, never losing its flame

We burn brighter each passing hour

Consumed by our love

You in me and I in You


            Yes, there is no greater love than the love of Jesus.  There is nothing that fills, nothing that even begins to satisfy like He does.  How I long to be completely overwhelmed in His ocean of love, lost in its wonderful depths.  Let me never look to a mere man to fill my insatiable desire.  Turning only to such would be like trying to drench myself with only one shallow glass of water.  And while the water may be cool and refreshing, it will only wet my thirst for more.  Praise Jesus there is more!  In Him and only in Him can one be completely and entirely satisfied.

            There is no place I would rather be but in You, Lord.  You satisfy my heart entirely.

The End

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