Tuesday, November 8th, 2011Mature

There is a fear that still runs deep; a fear that, now that I'm strong, I will never be held again.  I will be forever destined to live in the lonely land of the whole, tending to the wounds of the broken but never again being tended to myself, because I am already healed.  After all, I'm well again, and the physician only cares for the sick.  This fear that still runs so deep is the fear of being neglected, of losing my value and importance because I've lost the disease.

But just because I'm strong, it doesn't mean I don't need lifting up.  Being courageous doesn't mean I don't need reassurance.  Just because my heart is whole again, it doesn't mean it can't fracture.  Though the Light in my eyes will never go out, that doesn't mean it can't be blurred with tears.  Just because I'm peaceful doesn't mean fears don't threaten, and just because I'm joyful it doesn't mean I feel no pain.

Don't leave me.  Don't leave me...

I need You.


Do you really think I'd leave you, my child?  Do you really think I'd leave you?  Why would I go?  You are mine!  Do you really think I'd leave my own?  Never!  You are far too precious to Me to let you out of My sight.  I will forever hold you.  I will forever listen when you talk to Me.  I will always be there for you.

I am here for you, always here for you.

Why would I go?  You are mine.

The End

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