Wednesday, October 19th, 2011Mature

I haven’t written anything of any value for quite awhile, or, if I start, I stop before I get to the main purpose.  Oh well.  I won’t feel guilty about something so small as writing in my own journal! : ) 

            I’ve been feeling really restless and anxious because I feel like I’m not doing anything.  With my break from playing cello and my three classes only, my schedule is really open.  Hence, I feel like I need to be doing more, much much much more.  I feel like I should be busy otherwise I’m wasting time and resources and not doing enough.  When do I start cello again?  Am I just being a lazy butt?  What should I be doing?  Is God displeased with me for not doing more?  And if I should be doing more what should that be?  How can I challenge myself to grow daily?  Am I slipping back into mediocre living?

            How much is enough?  In my case, there’s probably no such thing as doing too much.  No matter what I do or will do I don’t think it will ever be enough; there is always more I could do or should do.

The End

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