Saturday, October 1st, 2011Mature

Draw me closer to You Jesus.  Draw me into Your heart… let me be utterly consumed.  I cannot be apart from You or I die.  You, and You alone, are life.  Draw me ever deeper into the ever-increasing brightness of Your glory.  Purify every single part of me with Your cleansing light.  Let Your Truth demolish every lie in my life.  No matter what the pain, mold me into what You will and strengthen me in the fire.  I trust You and know You will do nothing to harm me.

            But no matter what, God, draw me closer, deeper, nearer to You.  I cannot live without You.


            Recently I’ve been so afraid of falling away from God’s heart.  Afraid that, in my pursuit of Him, I’d somehow miss Him completely.  But I know that His grace is strong enough to keep me in it.  I trust Him to protect me from pride and lies dressed as truth.  I trust Him; He is stronger. 

The End

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