Sunday, September 25th, 2011Mature

Excruciating pain is endured watching others suffer and self-destruct.  At times it is almost unbearable to know the life and love available for them and not being able to choose to accept it in their behalf.

            If only, I think, if only you knew, if only you could see, if only you could understand… Jesus is not to be feared, no!  He is the epitome of the Love you crave.  He is the fulfillment of every single one of your needs.  He is the peace you seek.  He’s the one fighting for you, NOT against you!  He is the one in constant pursuit of you, never willing to call off or give up the search for your heart.  He is the one who is always with you, absolutely longing to take you in His arms and just hold you.  He wants to wipe away your tears and heal you heart… you keep looking for something to take away the pain of your shattered heart.  He, Jesus, is what you’re looking for!  Why, why can’t you see?  He is everything!  Why are you so afraid, resentful, angry, skeptical, disdainful, __________ of Him?  The only thing He wants if for you to allow Him to love you and give you new life, and a new, unbroken heart.  That’s all He wants… He just wants to LOVE YOU!!  Why, ohwhy won’t you let Him?

The End

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