Thursday, August 18th, 2011Mature

Almost three weeks living in my newfound freedom and it’s breathtakingly wonderful.  Hard but beautiful… grace and forgiveness are beautiful.

            Two days until my 19thbirthday.  Can you believe it?  Today three of my friends “kidnapped” me and took me out for coffee!  It was so amazing and totally fun!  I have the greatest friends in the world.  That’s a fact!  Sitting with them, laughing and talking, I realized how incredible it is to live life in freedom; freedom especially for me from an eating disorder… it’s way more fun without it!

            Do I miss it?  Yes.  Do I want to go back to it?  Sometimes the urge is so strong it hurts.  Will I go back?  Never!  I have left my Egypt for good!  I have something better, far better!  God will never leave me to find my own way out, He will faithfully lead me into a broad place.  He is my support.  He is my deliverer.

The End

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