Tuesday, July 12th, 2011Mature

The fighters.  The conquerors.  Those who deal with their issues, who emerge out of their pain by swimming through it.  I am not among them.

            I can no longer continue denying to myself that there’s not anything wrong.  I know there is… what I don’t know still is what exactly is wrong.  I know bits and pieces here and there.  Like: I’m scared of being loved, I have trouble expressing myself, I hate/love food, I feel guilty all the time, etc.  So how do I go about dealing with my issues?  Do I want to go about it?  Do I want to really live without their encumbering defects?  I know I won’t be lost without them.

            I just don’t want to carry all this through life.  Or worse, accidently burden someone else ‘cause I haven’t taken care of things.  But what do I do?  Besides the obvious things of course: Stop purging, start talking.

The End

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