Friday, July 1st, 2011Mature

Sometimes there are no words and no possible way to express the images and thoughts that press on my mind.  None whatever.  I don’t believe I could even if I tried.  No pictures, no words, no amount of vomiting or lacerating myself could ever make sense of… things.  But that’s ok, I guess.  ‘Cause now I just rest in the knowledge that God knows and understands.  Somehow that doesn’t comfort me very much, but that’s probably ‘cause I won’t let it.

            One thing I do know?  I’m fatter then I’ve ever been in my life.  And, ah yes, I’m beautiful.  Of course I am… mustn’t forget that truth talk.  After all, I don’t need human comfort to hold me, I just need the cold, hard truth to knock the sense back into me.


The End

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