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An excerpt fromBreaking Freeby Beth Moore:


[ 1.  To flee from God’s salvation is rebellion 2.  To flee from God’s strength is to flee from victory.


All 6 characteristics of rebellion –


  1. A rebellious child of God doesn’t act like a child of God (Isaiah 30:9)
  2. A rebellious child of God isn’t willing to listen to the Lord’s instruction
  3. A rebellious child of God prefers pleasant illusions over truth
  4. A rebellious child of God relies on oppression
  5. A rebellious child of God depends on deceit
  6. A rebellious child of God runs from the real answers ] 


Guess what I am?  A rebellious child of God…


            What am I withholding from God?  I don’t know!  I don’t know!  It must be something otherwise I would be free.  The thing is, I am free!  So what, where am I going wrong?  Am I going wrong?  Am I imagining everything?  Maybe my refusal to recognize this time as a trial and letting God use it to teach me is my problem.  Maybe I’m still trying to do everything in my own “strength.”  Maybe I’m not willing for Him to use me ‘cause I’ll get hurt (even though in Jeremiah it says His plans are not to harm me but to prosper me).  Maybe I’m just being an idiot who’s depressed and not acting like a child of God for the heck of it.  Maybe I’m just plain lazy and don’t want to do what it takes to whole-heartedly believe.  Maybe it’s all the above.  Maybe, maybe, maybe…


            I don’t understand how vomiting can be such a comfort.  Actually I do… it’s such a release.  Every bad thought, every impurity, every hurt or wrong can be purged.  It is only a temporary fix, but it really works.

            And there I go, illustrating characteristics 3, 4, 5, and 6 of a rebellious child just within the last paragraph.  I know it’s not true; Mia isn’t the answer.  But… I suppose there isn’t any “but” to it.

The End

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