Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011Mature

Today was one of those perfectly lovely days where I eat everything in sight and, as the result, end up in hysterics.  It was beauteous to be sure.  I’ve pretty much concluded that if I want to get anything done during the day I’ve gotta not eat.  ‘Cause as soon as I eat everything goes haywire.  Like today.

            It’s SIN.  It’s an IDOL.  Food has become my porn, my addiction, my obsession.

            I know for a fact that I disappoint my parents terribly.  They’re so frustrated with me, and they have every reason and right to be so.  Mom doesn’t know I love her and why would she?  It’s not like any of my actions and words show it.  But I do love her!  I do love.  Do I?  Or have I become too immersed in self to love anything or anyone anymore?  Probably.

            Please kill me.  A slow, excruciating death.

The End

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