Monday, March 7th, 2011Mature

Bare honesty

Shrouded by lies

Bare bones

And empty eyes

Nothing to see

And nothing inside


Be something more

Become something less

A clear set goal

Into nothingness


            I literally don’t even think I’m alive, which is completely ridiculous, I know.  I live in two worlds and don’t belong in either.  In one world I’m the smiling, cheerful girl who loves people and life and everything.  In the other world I’m one of the millions of girls with an ED, who struggles with anxiety, depression, etc.  The characters and settings in both worlds are mostly the same, except the character’s role’s change.  The thing is, I don’t exist in either one, rather somewhere in between.  Almost like the wood between the worlds in C.S. Lewis’The Magician’s Nephew.  But in my wood between the worlds food lurks behind every tree, and God is everywhere around me, and nowhere to be found.  One thing I do know, that in my wood I am completely alone.


The End

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