Monday, February 7th, 2011Mature

Screw thinking!!!!! 


Dear food, I hate you… with a passion.  You are always around taunting me, laughing at my inability, my weakness to do without you.  You know I can’t do without you, not for very long anyways.  I know it too.  But you don’t have to scream it at my face every day all day!  If I could throw every bit of you into the trash I would.  As it is, I can’t do that, so I eat you in defiance.  Sometimes, when I’m really angry, I get rid of you after I’ve chewed you up and swallowed you.  For some reason I think that’ll show you, but then you show your stupid, ugly self again.  Everyday…

For heaven’s sake, can’t you just LEAVE ME ALONE?!?!!  You get in the way of everything.  I want to be thin, got it?  And that means there will be no more of YOU!!!


My defeat

And my victory


My friend

And worst enemy


My comfort

And my burden




The End

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