Thursday, January 13th, 2011Mature

I don’t even care any more.  I feel nothing.  Aimless…

            Forget about being thin!  It won’t ever happen.  Did I ever even want that or was I just making it up?  This whole thing is just a hoax.  How stupid!  Sometimes I wish I could just sleep all the time.  That or die… but wanting death is a selfish loser’s attitude.  At least for me anyways. 

            I’ve lost another day.  I’ve thrust my responsibility behind me again.  And I just feel a weight, knowing with perfect clarity that I, and I alone, am responsible for my thoughts.  And, once again, I’ve purposefully neglected that responsibility ‘cause of pure laziness and bad stewardship.  Or whatever else you want to label it for that matter.  I don’t know.  I just don’t care anymore and I know that’s a sin.  But I feel nothing.  Aimless.

The End

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