Tuesday, September 14th, 2010Mature

I have to win

but what?

I must first begin

with a determined end

and I do not know what that is


or rather, what it should be…


so many decisive voices

in this utter confusion

black and white

a palette of gray delusion


lost in crowded seclusion


I want what I already have

why can’t I claim my own possession?

why do I feed my obsession?

I am weakening in my strength

and strengthening my weakness


I am fighting so I do not give in

the wrong side is right

and the right side is wrong

I am fighting to give in

this right side is so wrong

and I cannot right it


I can’t move


behind and before

above, below

this battle I can’t ignore

and can’t fight

because I don’t know

what I should be fighting for

The End

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