Frustrations of the Early Morning Dreamer

Just a little drabble for a future story.

It was 3:47 in the morning, and she had woken from yet another dream with that frustrating ending. Her mind raced as she struggled to recollect ever detail and search for the importance of its meaning. Her hand grasped the pen and she listed every last image and clip of a phrase she recalled, the light from the street-lamp outside of her house providing the perfect amount of light to see without fully waking. It was nights like these that she wasn't so sure she ever wanted to wake up, and yet she knew that the choice was not hers to make.


He had met her that night in her dream in a very special place; an area of grass with a single oak tree defining the center. As she recalled the event a soft smile graced her lips as the warmth rose to her cheeks. She had dreamed of him every year since she was ten, and now at the age of fifteen, she was far too in love with him to care about anything else. In the dream she had traveled through the snow, climbing higher until she walked through a break in the tree line. There she was rewarded with the warmth of the summer sun, and by his company. It was in that moment that he appeared from behind the tree. They chatted in that glade and she was aware of the passing of five years. Just as she asked his name she woke, hearing nothing.


The End

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